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5 #renotok trends of 2022 and how to make them timeless

Forget Pinterest—Tiktok has become the new go-to app for home renovation inspiration. Just punch in keywords like BTO or #renotok and be prepared to go down the rabbit hole of home flip videos.

Hybrid interior design themes have shot to fame in the last couple of years. The well-loved Japandi style combines Singaporeans’ favourite MUJI aesthetic with Nordic sensibilities. Meanwhile, Scandustrial has also gained a fan base by adding a homely touch to the otherwise sterile and cold concrete.

But no matter the theme, certain furnishing and renovation choices were clear standouts in 2022. Here’s a look at them.

Wall arches

Wall arches, which have starred prominently in the age of art deco, have made their comeback as one of the most favoured interior design features. Sported in trendy cafes and new homes alike, they soften the look of an angular space and make it appear wider. That’s something we can definitely use in the tiny condominium units here.

They’re used in doorways, little nooks, or even as demarcations between an open-concept kitchen and the living area, or a walk-in wardrobe and bedroom. Some homeowners have even made feature walls out of these arches and curves; carving them into walls and fitting them with display racks to add dimension.

But, as with all interior design trends of the moment, the permanence of wall arches could shape up to be a “timestamp” when you’re selling the house down the line. If that is a concern, consider painting arches or scalloped wallpaper instead. There’s plenty in the party to help you emulate the Arc De Triomphe look.

Fluted panels

There’s something about the way light and shadows fall on a fluted wall panel. Since they are mostly made out of wood, they’re reminiscent of the bamboo trees in Japan, allowing you to bring a slice of the outdoors into your home. These feature walls strike a balance between natural and contemporary beauty, and create the illusion of depth in small homes. In addition, they can also help with thermal and acoustic insulation.

Homeowners are even buying materials off Taobao to construct their own fluted wall panels, but equally important as their appearance is the level of maintenance needed. You pay for what you get, and it helps to select surfaces with the texture of natural wood but which are laminated for easy upkeep. Given the weather and traffic conditions in Singapore, it would also help if they were water and mould-resistant.


With a bathtub at home, you no longer have to save the bath bombs for hotel staycations. In HDB flats, it has to weigh below 400kg and can only be installed in the original bathroom space. While condominium residents may not face the same restrictions, the limited space can also be a bother.

An onsen bathtub might well be the answer. With Japanese-style interior design themes being front and centre year after year, it certainly will not look out of place in your new home. You could take a leaf out of this guy’s playbook and opt for an ofuru, which takes up less space, or transform an ordinary bathtub into a traditional onsen with wood and stone textures. This Tiktok user claims her set-up costs S$6,000 in total:


If you want something between the industrial and wabi-sabi moods, put limewash paint on your list. This textured wall paint has been making its rounds on Tiktok, and it’s not hard to see why. Its surface appears matte, chalky, and almost like suede—a backdrop that comes in neutral colours such as off-white, brown, greys, and taupes to suit complementary furnishings and fixtures.

As it turns out, the paint does more than look good. Some brands tout their limewash paints to be non-toxic, eco-friendly, and breathable. If our article on heat-proofing has taught us anything, it would be the difference that the surfaces in our homes make. Because they have such a natural and organic look, little maintenance is required. If anything, when protected with a top coat, the appearance of limewash paint is known to age with grace. And, if you’re not ready to commit to lime wash paint, there’s always the (more affordable) option of a “lime washed” wallpaper for trial.

Tatami beds

Platform beds used to be all the rage among homeowners. While they provide an abundance of storage space for bulky items we frequently access, they start to feel encroaching as as master bedrooms shrink. And when you sell the unit, depending on your buyer, a built-in platform might well be a deal-breaker.

Enter tatami beds—an upgrade of the platforms we know and love. They are characterised by modular designs that tend to be low in height, giving your sleeping area more breathing room. Storage space, while minimised, is not compromised. Bed frames can come with lift-up mechanisms, pull-out drawers, and even removable platforms.

The best thing? It sits nicely on the floor so you needn’t bother with cleaning under the bed. Did anything else catch your eye on #renotok? Drop us a link in the comments section below.


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