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Making a 1-Bedroom condo work? Try these downsized appliances.

For many singles out there, shoebox apartments are a day one purchase that helps them get one foot into the private property market. It’s compact, sufficient, easy to clean, and those that come with an ensuite study even help to demarcate work and rest areas - a helpful provision as remote and hybrid work arrangements become the new norm.

You might think a smaller space is easier to furnish, but think again. The impeccable showflats are a work of art optimised at every turn and corner by interior design experts who are trained to make every square foot of space count. But when left to our own devices, we are at a loss. A couple of furniture pieces later, your home is suddenly filled to the brim.

If you’re furnishing a small home, be it a one-bedder or studio apartment, these downsized household appliances can help. From mini washing machines to air fryers, these nifty inventions will help you maximise liveable space.

1. Countertop dishwasher

Source Most homeowners who have considered investing in a dishwasher (imagine never having to scrub the crusty edges off your lasagna casserole!) are held back by two words - water wastage. But countertop dishwashers, which have been making their rounds on Tiktok - are an efficient alternative that suits those who only cook for one or two diners perfectly.

Toshiba, for instance, has a 5L portable dishwasher that holds up to 22 pieces of tableware and washes so you never have to bicker with your housemate or partner over the dishes. On top of cleaning crockery, the dishwasher is also capable of giving fruits and vegetables a good rinse. So if you’re wary of pesticide residue on the skins of your apples, you can now save the hassle of peeling them.

2. UFO fan

Ceiling and standing fans have been around since forever, and bladeless ones have recently taken the world by storm. But what about UFO fans? A sprawling ceiling fan might be good for air circulation, but its size, in proportion to the ceiling, can make your home feel a lot smaller. Vortec UFO fans, which are around the size of a large ceiling lamp, give you the best of both worlds. They’re mounted on ceilings to keep your home cool, yet compact enough to appear like a large ceiling lamp. The best part? They’re all bladeless so you can say goodbye to dizzying shadows giving your Zoom calls a strange filter.

3. Hidden cooker hood

Living alone shouldn’t stop you from realising dreams of becoming a masterchef, but cooking can get messy indeed. This is especially so for those who live in a studio apartment, where bed linen could still smell like grilled meat even if the windows were left wide open. OBRO’s downdraft cooker hood comes in handy for occasions like these. Rather than hovering above your stove top and looking like an eyesore, it can be entirely concealed when unused and deployed with slide, touch, and remote controls to whisk odours away at a speed of 1000m3/h.

4. Compact air fryer

An air fryer has become a staple of many households for good reason. It is idiotproof to operate and offers limitless possibilities even for people who cannot cook if their lives depended on it. While air fryers are a godsend especially for folks who live alone and would rather do away with an exhaustive clean-up, they can be bulky. PHILIPS, though, has a Spectre Compact Airfryer that gives you the best of both worlds while occupying minimal space, freeing up more countertop surface for the cooking and cutting in meal preparation.


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