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4 WFH-friendly condos in Singapore that redefine home offices

Even as COVID-19 restrictions lift, it looks like remote and hybrid work arrangements are here to stay. While some celebrate the good riddance of peak-hour commutes, others fret about higher electricity bills, reduced personal space, and blurred boundaries between our personal and professional lives. In fact, there’s no lack of evidence from researchers that working and resting in the same room harms the quality of our sleep.

Developers are listening, which is why new condominium projects have started to address the needs of a work-from-home population. Transforming your mahjong table into a work desk may have worked for the past two years, but interim solutions have to make way for innovation with greater longevity.

In this article, we look at four condominium projects that do just that.

Amber Sea

If you’ve always longed for a sea view, you’re in luck. Amber Sea, developed by Far East Organisation, is a freehold project located near East Coast Park in Marine Parade. Furnished like a beachside villa, it houses 132 units across 19 stories, and touts penthouse and ground floor duplex units with 5 bedrooms and a private lift for the latter.

But these are secondary to the fact that Amber Sea offers all of 17 flexible and transitional layouts to accommodate not only different resident profiles but also the evolving lifestyles of a work-from-home crowd. The two-bedroom layouts, in particular, feature an expanded width that would allow more natural sunlight into the home office - which has been scientifically proven to improve productivity and sleep.

Clearly, its proximity to the ocean and an array of food options only scratch the surface of Amber Sea’s appeal.

Midtown Bay

Smacked right in the middle of Tanjong Pagar, leasehold project Midtown Bay is a residential tower that sits within Guoco Midtown Bay by Guocoland. Taking work-life integration to the next level, it comprises 219 luxury business homes with configurations optimised to fit a home office comfortably.

Of course, one does not mention Midtown Bay without bringing up its network hub, which easily overshadows its accessibility, retail and F&B options. Within the network hub are meeting and networking facilities, business lounges, collaborative spaces, and a rooftop pool because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In other words, Midtown Bay is the epitome of city life made for entrepreneurs, expatriates, or modern professionals whose calendars are perpetually filled with meetings.

The M

The M on Middle Road is a leasehold project with 522 units across one 6-storey and three 20-storey towers. Although its proximity to large shopping malls and dining options is clearly its highlight, the developers from Wing Tai Asia have also gone to great lengths to future-proof The M for a post-pandemic world.

In its studio and 1-3 bedroom units are work-from-home provisions such as configurable work stations, integrated work tables, dual-use counter tops as well as ceiling storage spaces to stow additional logistics in. Residents can also access configurable function rooms and boardrooms in Club M, where they can host in-person meetings and discussions or simply have a change of scenery when working from home.

The Commodore

If staying in the central is too hectic a lifestyle for you, The Commodore will soon offer a welcome respite from the city centre. Replacing the forested area in Canberra Drive, the low-rise, leasehold condo boasts a large site that fits 219 units across six residential blocks and more.

Located near several nature parks in the north, The Commodore blends right in with its landscaping and water features. Against this backdrop of tranquillity are coworking spaces that offer an “alfresco” break from fluorescent lighting and sterile study rooms. You can also hustle at the luxurious clubhouse - at least when you’re not using its full-service kitchen for luncheon and dinner parties.

Condominiums made for remote and hybrid work

As new condominium developments introduce home office-friendly floor plans and facilities catering to professionals, residents can soon retire their standing desks and makeshift dividers.

With that said, floor plans and facilities are not the only factors you should be looking at when purchasing a condo unit for residential or investment purposes. Whether you’re looking at a resale unit or an upcoming development, let us help you make an informed decision that your future self will thank you for.


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